Monday, September 7, 2015

Fear Not

Fear is a common emotion that we face.  The Bible  gives importance  in the process of helping us cope with this physical emotion. A deer hunter once told me that even the animals such as the deer when  impact by fear  releases something bitter into its body while  fleeing in fear that makes its meat bitter, and unpalatable.
Wordsworth said "Fear hath a hundred  eyes, that all agree to plague her beating heart.."  Yes it is a plague that grips the heart.
The Bible uses the word fear on various ways about 500 times. To bring you all the promises of God that tells you how to deal with fear will not be possible in this  small space.  Here are a few for you to rest on. 
'Be not afraid of sudden fear.. Proverbs 3:25
"The Lord shall give you rest from fear". Isiah 4:3
"Fear Not.."...Isiah 35:4, 41:10,13
"Fear not the reproach of men". Isiah 51:7 Daniel 10: 12,19
"Fear Not I am with thee." Genesis 26:24, 46:3, 50:19
The  verses reveal reasons why you and I should not yield to unholy fear, and reveals the blessed promises of deliverance from all our fears.
It is a good idea to collect all  the "fear not"  promises of the Bible, and internalize  them.
By the way ...what is fear? Our human fear is a painful emotion marked by alarm, dread, despair, disquiet, anxious concern, or solitude.  Some of the fear is imaginary, when no cause of fear exists, wherein  the Lord asks us  "why are you fearful O ye of little faith?"
"Fear not little flock,  for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom" Luke 12:32
(The Bible uses the metaphor of we as sheep and God as our Good Shepherd)
The above promise was made as a rebuke when the disciples entertained the fear regarding sufficient food and clothing as they continued to follow Jesus. When God was able to care for the birds and the fields then why would fear grip their souls and care about materials things.
It is good to remember the promise that "My God shall supply all your need"...Philippians 4:19
Our Good Shepherd know that fear is our inherent weakness as we face our arch adversary the devil. And He assures once more..."Fear not little flock". He wants faith to replace fear. No matter what goes around, we are called to exhibit a quietness in spirit and confidence that is birthed from faith in the divine promises.
May God's promises be rooted in our hearts and keep us from all fear.
Devotional written by Shanti
 (Picture courtesy: My hand made clay elephant on my note pad)

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