Tuesday, July 23, 2013

As a mother....

God reveals himself to us within our frame of reference with anthropomorphic words. Words such as metaphors that we have experienced which God uses to get to our level in his revelation is awesome.
The Good Shepherd as God is described is also one such. Here is my Good Shepherd sculpture that I made, with the sheep wearing a pink bow!!  You can visit my art blog here where you will find more of my art work In the meantime I want to draw your attention to this promise that God makes to us wherein He uses the frame of reference of a mother.

"As one whom his mother comforteth even so will I comfort you"..(Isaiah  66:13) As a good and godly mother  we have a precious insight into the heart of God here in this verse. It is to mother that the child usually runs when there are tears to be kissed away. The father may fail to successful calm a fretful child. The child  is soon asleep on the pillow of the mother's breast. Is it not blessed to know that in the trying troubled hours of life when as fretful children we need consolation and sympathy, we can come and lean on the bosom of Him who is our El Shadai- "the Breasted One"? God is the perfect Comforter, because He combines all the qualities of noble-hearted fatherhood and gentle motherhood." a reading  from my devotional. (the photo is of my clay art ..a shepherd carrying a sheep on his shoulders)
Stay blessed my friend.
Until we meet again, May the Grace of God keep you. 
Lots of love

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